Our Master Trust

From October 2012, new legislation was introduced that means every employer in the UK will need to have a pension scheme in place. You’ll also have to automatically enrol certain workers into that scheme and make contributions on their behalf.

The new duties will eventually apply to all employers in the United Kingdom. They came into force on 30 June 2012, but are being formally implemented over a five-and-a-half-year period that started on 1 October 2012, with larger employers being affected before smaller employers and new businesses. An initial wave of employers were allowed to voluntarily bring forward auto-enrolment to 1 July, 1 August or 1 September 2012 if they wished.

To cope with the expected increase in demand we have developed an occupational pension scheme known as a master trust that allows non associated employers to join. Each employer will have a "sub trust" for their company which will allow employees to join and pay contributions. As such we see it as an attractive and cost efficient option in the new legislative era. The following points illustrate this :-

  • We maintain comprehensive administration records
  • We deal with all administrative processes including collecting contributions and processing them for investment, together with all compliance and regulatory responsibilities.
  • The master trust enables employers to replace their existing occupational defined contribution scheme; Group Personal Pension arrangements; Group Self Invested Personal Pension Scheme or Stakeholder arrangement.

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