Delivering the service

The responsibilities of an Account Manager are:-

  • To agree service levels.
  • To co-ordinate the delivery of services.
  • To monitor the quality and timeliness of these services.
  • To be aware of changing market or customer circumstances.
  • To attend client meetings as appropriate.
  • To present administration stewardship reports, in a format to be agreed.

An annual internal quality and compliance audit to ensure our services and the scheme provisions are tailored to any changing circumstances of the client, our company, the market, legislation or economic conditions.  Within this audit, every aspect of our service is examined on the basis of peer review and, where necessary, comment is invited from the client. We arrange at the end of each year to complete a project plan of known tasks in the ensuing twelve month period.  We’ll consolidate these tasks into a working document and this way our clients are always aware of the anticipated workload and together we can manage expectations.  At each administration meeting we are then able to report on the completion of these tasks accordingly.