Actuarial Services

We offer pro active, relevant and plain-speaking actuarial services for our clients.  These services are closely tailored to each client’s specific needs and will take into account the differing needs of the employer and the trustees. The services that are likely to be required include:

  • An actuarial valuation report every three years.  This will involve a full formal report and the production of statements and certificates as required by legislation and professional standards.  More importantly, it will involve discussion with the employer / trustees of the valuation results and their likely impact
  • An annual disclosure statement for the employer to include in the company accounts, based on the requirements of the accounting standard FRS17
  • Ongoing, pro active advice and discussion on prevailing economic conditions and strategy
  • The provision of scheme specific factors for use in individual benefit calculations
  • Additional requirements could include such services as:
  • Alternative investigations for the purposes of FRS17
  • Information requests from parent companies for their domestic accounting requirements
  • Advice in relation to scheme design changes, ex gratia benefits and the payment of discretionary benefits
  • Advice in relation to the basis of the payment of transfer values
  • Advice on the befits to be offered in lieu of receipt of transfer payments for members
  • Advice in relation to mergers, acquisitions, disposals, terminations or wind ups